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Winter in the Mullerthal

Winter in the Mullerthal

Our guest house Tailor's Trail 'gîte d'adventure' Beaufort is located in the middle of the Mullerthal. Also called Little Switzerland. 

This weekend it is white. Whiter than white. As far as you can see. It is beautiful. It touches me. The silence. The air that feels so magical. 

In our house are 10 tough Dutch people for a long weekend. They walk every day. 27 km yesterday. They blend in with nature. There is hardly anyone else in sight.  'Coming home', the fireplace lit, the sauna fired up, falling naked into the snow and warming up again. Snow-hike-relax-repeat....

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Published 24-01-2023 / Copyright © Tailor's Trail gîte d'adventure Beaufort _ Mullerthal