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Bretzelsonndeg March 19 2023

Bretzelsonndeg March 19 2023

It is perhaps one of Luxembourg's most mysterious Easter traditions: this Sunday, Bretzelsonndeg takes place! Small country, big traditions! Pretzel Sunday takes place once a year on the third Sunday of Lent, which this year falls on 19 March. While the "Bretzel" used to be (and still is in our neighbouring countries) a salty treat, the modern Luxembourg version is usually delectably sweet, complete with fondant icing and almonds. According to some romantic souls, the puff pastry symbolises two lovers arm in arm. According to the traditional version of the custom, a man should offer a pretzel to the woman he is interested in. If she loves him as much as the pretzel, she will let him know by giving him an egg on Easter Sunday. We'll let you interpret the symbolism.

If she is not interested in the poor boy, she gives him a basket instead of an egg. 

In Luxembourg, the tradition is said to have originated in the 18th century. During the Buergbrennen, women threw wood into the flames while calling out the name of their prospective lover. If the trick worked, the women later got back a pretzel and eventually an egg on Easter Sunday. 

Who would you like to give a "Pretzel" to?

This Sunday, come to Luxembourg City, where Bretzelsondeg is always celebrated in style. There will be live music, the iconic Jhangeli tourist train and, above all, free pretzels.

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