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Dip in a lake

Dip in a lake

The morning begins with some lovely conversations. So nice to find that our castle is a safe place where everyone is allowed to be themselves. This morning some tears roll, sadness is shared, stories are told.

After a big hug, everyone goes their separate ways.

Today, my day goes to the Upper Sûre Lake. A beautiful route takes me to the most beautiful lakes in Luxembourg.

Crystal-clear water and beautiful nature await me.

Although I am not alone, there is a calmness that surprises me.

People are barbecuing, children are splashing around, some sportsmen are swimming across. A canoe paddles by and a group of professional divers, diving 30 metres deep to an ancient city.

The trees provide plenty of shade. Full sun is there for those who want it.

The water is wonderfully cooling. I unpack my picnic basket and enjoy it with a big smile.

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Published 26-08-2023 / Copyright © Tailor's Trail gîte d'adventure Beaufort _ Mullerthal