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Shared Space

Shared Space

As soon as you enter, a first salon located in the old shop on the street side welcomes you. Following this, you will find a great space composed of a fully equipped kitchen with a large table that invites you to share meals and a big living room with panoramic windows that "bring in" the garden. The guests of the Tailors Trail also has a private and intimate garden which develops around a large centenary tree. Tailors Trail tries to reconnect people to nature, beauty and the real thing. That’s why the tv/screen is only in the living room area of the shared space.
 In front of the house, the courtyard with its period paving and plantations invites you to take a nice aperitif or a cafe and to communicate with the life of the village.

Imagine all the people... (John Lennon)

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Published 13-04-2022 / Copyright © Tailor's Trail gîte d'adventure Beaufort _ Mullerthal