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Let's talk about... our philosophy

Let's talk about... our philosophy

Our philosophy of…

In these days there are topics like functionality, footprints etc… (very important, for sure). We try to put the effort for beauty and authenticity in the focus of our activity. When you visit us you will be surrounded by ‘real’ materials putting together in compositions who remains the atmosphere of the serenity of the past with a modern contemporary twist. With this atypical approach we would like to inspire you during an unforgettable stay. 

Let’s talk about….Wabi Sabi

All our compositions/ choices are inspired by the Wabi Sabi philosophy. This philosophy, coming from Japan who seems to be quite atypical and against the mainstream, remains you that time goes by that there will be an end. This philosophy explains the fascination we have when we are in connection with this deep beauty of Japanese objects like a teabowl or other….

This concept celebrates the way how good natural and authentic materials get old by the time that passed and the commitment to take care of them in a gentle and respectful way. 

You can find a lot of examples in relation with the Wabi Sabi philosophy: floor in concrete beton, table in massive wood, old restored wooden floors, traditional lime plaster etc. etc…

Let’s talk about….old/new

The concept for the restoration of the buildings was driven by the research of the gentle balance of old/ new with a maximum of respect was given to preserve and to care the old parts/ objects of the building (old sealings, old shop windows, old doors, etc…)

For the new elements you’ll find a composition with modern/ conptambary language (black box for the kitchen, wall covering in plywood). You can see also this philosophy of the composition at the outside: at the old building was edit a new volume in yellow, congest, who remains/ interpreter the values from the chateau de Beaufort in a conceptual way.

Let’s talk about… ecological footprint 

The restoration and respect of the old building by not destroying/ rebuild it, is at it selves a wise step regarding footprints. The building was restored in a gentle and low energie spending way regarding the technical fueters, it’s good to know that the building has no airconditioning who reduce the energy consumption in a considerable way.

The overheating during summertimes is reduced on a passive way by using the big walls, the small windows in the south and the big openings on the garden side shadowed by big trees. The heating in wintertime is a high efficient modern system. With a big reduction comes from the important isolation to ‘keep the heat in’. 

Let’s talk about… bedding

Regarding the size we deliberate the size by 140 x 200 m for ‘classic bed experience’. Let’s ‘come’ to together. The beds are covered by the very generous duvet 220x240 to be sure that there is enough ‘protection’ for everyone. 

For the beds high quality matras of 100% natural latex where chosen. The mattresses are medium-hard to fit most of our guests.

It’s interesting to know that the bedding is in 100% ecological cotton, made in France. The washing of the beding and the cleaning is made by ecological products. 

The natural materials and the way of cleaning gives a fresh and healthy atmosphere.

Let’s talk about… Airco 

The castle was build in 1634 in very thick and heavy walls. During the restoration we took the decision to heighten the insulation standard & 

not to put an AC to respect the authenticity of the building & the beauty of the composition…

Today the building is la comfortable place who stays quite fresh during summer time (because of the inertie of the big walls), but it’s for sure not as cold as an AC😉. 

Let’s talk about... shampoo

For the shampoo: you will not find a special shampooin your room. For different reasons: 

We hate plastic 😱

We don’t know which shampoo will fit the Lady ;-)

… so we take the decision to offer "the real thing": 

Savon de Marseille, totally natural & pure. 

It’s wonderful for the hair care _ trust an old Chap ;-)

& bottled in a stone dispenser.

Let’s talk about…. TV

At Tailor’s Trail, we have made a conscious decision not to include televisions in our rooms…

We believe in providing an environment that promotes relaxation, connection, and a break from the digital distractions of everyday life. By removing TVs from our rooms, we encourage our guests to unwind, engage in meaningful conversations, and fully immerse themselves in their surroundings. 

We want to create a space where you can truly disconnect, rejuvenate, and embrace the present moment. Instead of relying on screens, we offer a range of alternative activities and amenities that encourage exploration and enjoyment.

Whether it's exploring the local area, indulging in a good book from our library, or simply taking in the serene ambiance of our surroundings, we aim to provide an experience that fosters a sense of tranquility and well-being.

We believe that by eliminating TVs, we can offer our guests a more authentic and enriching experience, where they can truly disconnect from the outside world and embrace the essence of their stay.

Let’s talk about….

Do you want to share this beauty with us...?

Mayke & Pascal

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Published 11-08-2022 / Copyright © Tailor's Trail gîte d'adventure Beaufort _ Mullerthal