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An unforgettable stay in a castle back to 1634. Welcome!

An unforgettable stay in a castle back to 1634. Welcome!

Château de Clémency

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Château de Clémency, anno 1635, is a humble castle integrated in a small rural village.

The human scale of the building is the total opposite of a feudal castle and gives you the feeling of arriving in a family home. A place where you can casually interact with the other guests in the shared areas or retreat to your own peace and quiet in your private room (with bathroom).

The 4 rooms are all decorated in a different theme. And it is not a simple decoration... It is a total composition, based on a contemporary concept that gives you the feeling of "diving" into the atmosphere and ambience of the era. All the furniture are authentic antiques, everything is made to measure...

Our passion for collecting is expressed in hundreds of paintings, books and decorative elements hunted around the world.

The castle is located in the middle of the Luxembourgish countryside. It is the ideal “Base Camp” for your excursions into nature as well as your visits to Luxembourg city and Esch-sur-Alzette (both at a 20 minute distance).

Our castle, Château de Clémency has for private rooms, with private bathrooms. Every room their own theme....

Peggy’s Belle Epoque

Situated on the ground floor, this suite will immerse you in an ambience/atmosphere of the Belle Epoque. In the main space, the mural frescos of the painter Peggy Dihé drag into a whirlwind of colour and details inspired of this era with some contemporary intruders.

This abundant composition is extended by the installation of mirrors in the style of an old-fashioned 'brasserie', spectacular curtains and period furniture…

The adjacent private bathroom interprets the bright and luminous period bathrooms in a contemporary way. 

The dressing with his “grand miroir” and the “bureau” with garden view complete this grand suite.


This space, dedicated to Sherlock Holmes, will immerse you into the delirium of genius …

The living room named “Sherlock & Watson” strongly resembles a curiosity cabinet from the second half of the 19th century.

The room with its atypical copper 'island-bed' reminds you of the adventures of Jules Verne.

Situated in the tower of the castle, the bathroom offers you an unusual space with its sink 'in the wall' and the astonishing arrangement of the objects.

The roaring 20

This ’20 space immerses you in the 'modern times' atmosphere of the first half of the 20th century. The main room with its brushed aluminium floor and the period technical elements form an integral part of the decor recall the machines, cars, liners of the past and draw you into the 'golden age of travel'.

The bathroom, inspired by a painting by Caspar David Friedrich, the 'Sea of Ice', is a nod to the icebergs that marked the end of the famous Titanic.

Sitting in the the original deckchair in the front of the castle window, is the perfect place for reflection & more.


The "Tribute" suite pays tribute to the workers of the steel industry that created Luxembourg’s wealth. When you enter the hall / private access, you (will) discover a very luminous / bright and functional room which draws its major assets from the great height of the room / high ceilings and the imposing castle windows.

The bathroom will impress you by its atypical atmosphere. The use of black polished concrete is reminiscent of the underground mining work. 

The composition of materials and the light concept create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Shared spaces: 

“Bei der Giedel”

Kitchen (fully equipped) with his bar/comptoir

Back kitchen with a dishwasher

Dining/meeting/library room 

Hall and a period staircase with the portrait gallery

“Welcome” terrace under the old trees in front of the castle

“Hidden” Terrace with a water feature with his wooden floor 

Laundry room 

2 separate toilets

Free parking behind the castle

Bicycle storage

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