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After a long hot beautiful summer, the rain is pouring down tonight. 

Nice time to give the wine cellar in Château de Clémency some attention. What gems we have found in recent months. Something for everyone. 

Pascal Zimmer and his Zimmerbuilding Team are very busy building the extra living room at Chateau de Clémency. That's where you'll soon be sitting, tucked away in a nice sofa, around the fireplace. Candles lit. Nice vinyl on the pickup. 

In Tailors Trail, his team is busy building a sauna. My idea: a glass roof, so you can stare at the stars from the sauna. So how does that work between us...? First he looks at me to see if I am nuts. Impossible is his first reaction. Then he is silent for 10 minutes. He sits over a piece of paper. I know I have to be mouse quiet at such times. And now.... The glass ceiling will be in our sauna. So you can stare at the stars.

(The sauna will be ready by mid-November 2022)

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Published 14-10-2022 / Copyright © Tailor's Trail gîte d'adventure Beaufort _ Mullerthal