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Mayke’s happy hippy place

Mayke’s happy hippy place

I was born in 1972. And those 70s rage nicely through my blood. Almost always cheerful and optimistic. In the flow of every day. 

My life is colourful. And even the black edges have colour. They have always carried me forward. 

In Tailor's Trail, we have room 'Stairway to heaven, into the wild...' An adventurous room that was not understood by all our guests. Our rooms are meant to immerse you in an experience. For some guests, this room was too wild. Now, of course, we can make it a little less wild. We did just that. A slightly less steep staircase, a shower you can stand under instead of just a hand shower. 

But it would be even better to make the room even wilder. While Pascal goes wild at the flea market in Arlon, I do a happy dance in this room. A bit of Woodstock in Beaufort. 

Psychedelic rugs, curtains, piles of cushions. I feel so at home there! the lovely 70s. Will you join me in this trip?

To be continued

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Published 02-07-2023 / Copyright © Tailor's Trail gîte d'adventure Beaufort _ Mullerthal